Everything you need to get running! Package includes The Original SharkGuard (2.5″ dust port), Delta ARK riving knife for thin kerf blades (thickness — 0.090″), mounting bracket, and all applicable hardware. Save money and time — grab the whole package!

Be sure to include your setup — we offer this product for a multitude of saws and setups, so be sure to send us your information when placing your order.

Unsure about your setup or needs? Contact us for more information!


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Everything you need to get running! Package includes The Original SharkGuard (2.5″ dust port), Delta ARK riving knife for thin kerf blades (thickness — 0.090″), mounting bracket, and all applicable hardware. Save money and time — grab the whole package!

This package can be configured for a variety of saws (not just the Delta ARK)! Give us a call to design your’s today!

See the product in action — special thanks to ToolMetrix for the installation video!

Unsure about your setup or needs? This setup doesn’t suit every saw — be sure to confirm this is the right product for you.

Compatible Models

Bosch 4000

Bosch 4100

Bosch GTS 1031

Bosch PTS10


Bridgewood BW-10LTS

Bridgewood BW-10TS




Craftsman 101.02161

Craftsman 101.02143

Craftsman 113.27610

Craftsman 113.27520


Delta 36-630

Delta 34-670

Delta 34-660


Dewalt DW744

Dewalt DW744X

Dewalt DW745

Dewalt DW745X

Dewalt DW746 ARK

Dewalt DWE7480

Dewalt DWE7490

Dewalt DWE7491


General 350 ARK

General 350R Full kerf knife only

General 650

General 650R

General 50-175

General 50-185

General 50-200R

General 50-375

General 50-260


Grizzly G0605X1

Grizzly G0651

Grizzly G0661

Grizzly G0690

Grizzly G0696X

Grizzly G0713

Grizzly G0715P

Grizzly G0771Z

Grizzly G0833P

Grizzly G0444Z ARK

Grizzly 1023RL

Grizzly 1023RLW

Grizzly 1023RLWX


Hammer K3 10” blades


Hitachi C10FL ARK

Hitachi/Metabo C10RJ New saw. In the works.  Will need to copy knife.  Email if interested in helping.



Jet Xacta


Kobalt KT1015


Laguna Fusion F1

Laguna Fusion F2

Laguna Fusion F3

Laguna F1

Laguna F2

Laguna F3

Laguna Platinum

Laguna TSS


Porter Cable PCB270TS


Powermatic HPS-67

Powermatic 62

Powermatic 65

Powermatic 66


Ridgid R4510

Ridgid R4511

Ridgid R4512

Ridgid R4513


Robland NLX310

Robland X31


Ryobi BT3000


Saw Stop all models


Shop Fox W1819

Shop Fox W1820

Shop Fox W1824

Shop Fox W1837


Shop Smith 505

Shop Smith 510

Shop Smith 520


Skilsaw SPT70WT

Skilsaw SPT99-12


Steel City 35618

Steel City 35623-30

Steel City 35900

Steel City 35925




Walker Turner 1180

The one model number I know will not work with the ARK knife is Delta 34-338. It can use our splitter version. You will most likely need to ask for our Delta Rockwell splitter pattern. It will fit the older Grizzly G1022. It will fit the older Grizzly G1023 left and right tilt models. It will fit the Bridgewood BW10TS right tilt. The Powermatic 63. 10″ Trademaster The King KC10RC. Jet CTAS Some models of Jet saws. The JTAS models have a little different bracket so have their own web page. Craftsman 22124 Most Steel City table saws CENTRAL MACHINERY T504 Shop Fox W1677 and W1711. Possibly other similarly designed saws as well. If you have any doubt that these will fit your saw, simply snap a picture or two of your front guard mounting point under the throat plate. We can help confirm the fit or you. Specifically 34-400, 34-402, 34-410, 34-426, 34-429, 34-430, 34-440, 34-441, 34-444, 34-445, 34-450, 34-457, 34-461, 34-466, 34-474, 34-714, 34-717, 34-761, 34-763, 34-764, 34-765, 34-778, 34-781, 34-782, 34-783, 34-784, 34-801, 34-802, 34-806, 34-814, 34-855, 34-914, 34-915, 34-976, 36-L31X, 36-L51X, 36-R31, 36-R31X, 36-426, 36-430, 36-431, 36-440, 36-441, 36-444, 36-445, 36-450, 36-451X, 36-454, 36-465, 36-470, 36-472, 36-474, 36-475, 36-477, 36-480, 36-485, 36-490, 36-505X, 36-507X, 36-650, 36-650C, 36-670, 36-675, 36-679, 36-680, 36-682, 36-714B, 36-715, 36-716, 36-717, 36-750, 36-751, 36-755,36-800, 36-812, 36-815, 36-816, 36-820, 36-821, 36-825, 36-830, 36-831, 36-841, 36-842, 36-844, 36-869, 36-878, 36-882, 36-883, 36-884, 36-900, 36-905, 36-941, 36-943, 36-944, 36-945, 36-953, 36-955, 36-957, 36-960, 36-979, 36-980, 36-982… so far. If your saw is any of the model numbers below, you will need to email me to select the correct pattern. They may be the regular Delta pattern or they may be something a bit different. I will send you a pdf to print out and compare the fit. A little extra work on your part now will save having to wait even longer if the splitters do not fit correctly. The model numbers I know that will have fit issues are, 36-380, 36-600, 36-630, 36-640, 36-729. These saws require different setups entirely which we do have solutions for. When placing an order for the Delta ARK package, be sure to contact us and give us the model number of your saw listed above. There are subtle variances in some models that will require us to send certain brackets for the correct fit, so the model number of your saw is important. If you can’t find the model, snap a pic so we can see what you have on the trunnion of your saw. The list is far from complete.

Contact us for more information!


Additional information

Dust Port

No Dust Port, 2.5" Dust Port, 3.0" Dust Port, 4.0" Dust Port

Riving Knife Thickness

.090", .105", .120"

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