This Tail Fin Kit will allow the SGK1 thru SG3D SS to be mounted to overhead systems.

The SGK1 guards have all replaceable parts. If a part gets damaged or scratched or gets resin all over it and prevents good visbility, then simply unbolt the halves and replace that part. Some parts can be made by you or bought from us. All parts are set into dados to lock them in place when bolted together. Here is a link to the parts order page.This allows easy swapping of dust port sizes. You can order a new size dust port and just bolt it in. These guards are about 1.625 inches wide outside. This allows you to cut closer to the fence than previous versions.The SGK1 also comes with a nylon roller under the front. This makes these guards operate smoothly.Below are a few images that show the Over Arm or Tail Fin mounting kit. You can click on them for a larger image. The guards in the images are a litte older version that what is shipping now, but still mount the same way using the overarm or Tail Fin Kit.

Need to build an overarm mount? Check this out for instructions!

Shark Tail Fin Mounting Brackets
Tail Fin Kit

The ceiling and over arm mounts can be added to this Shark for use when you cut dados or if you prefer using that as opposed to the splitter or riving knife. I have tried hard to be able to cover some saws with a Shark to no avail. Generally on an old or poorly designed saw safety wise. The Shark Guard K1 will give those guys a good shot at safety by being able to be used without a splitter mount. I should say that I think the splitter or riving knife is the most important part of any guard. That said, there are stand alone splitters available that mount in a throat plate. Those should be used in such cases. Adjustments and tilting of the guard would have to be designed by you. The Tail Fin Kit only allows for up/down swing adjustment and quick release and install from the arm itself.

The mounts are designed around a product called Unistrut. They make a very large line of products that are great for such applications. They are heavy duty as well and relatively inexpensive for the most part. I buy my Unistrut parts from Mcmaster Carr. They offer different colors and materials. I think Zinc plated steel will work best for this. It is the cheapest, but they do have prepainted colors available. I will not be providing the Unistrut itself. Those can be bought locally some places like Lowe’s, Home Depot, electrical and plumbing parts houses or ordered from Mcmaster. They are setup to stock and ship those parts quick and cheap.The illustrations below are some that I made from CAD drawings. Just some simple ideas on what might be possible with these type systems. I have no actual plans on these. There are probably a million different possibilities, and just as many different shops that require different dimensions or elements to an overarm guarding system.
The photographs below came from “Bulldog 8” on Woodnet Forums. He had a thread there, but apparently it has dropped off the back of the Woodnet archive. He installed an SGK1 with a tail fin mounting kit to strut that he purchased from Lowe’s. There are many possibilities for mounting these to an overarm system. I may offer a complete system in the future, but for now, those parts above the tail fin have to be of your own making.