Here’s what our customers are saying:

“I meant to write the weekend after I got my Sharkguard… but I’ve been so busy making sawdust that I forgot! I love, love, love my new Sharkguard. The dust collection is awesome! I got a used small shop vacuum and installed it directly above where I usually roll my Jobsite Sawstop, so I have two vacuums going when I run the saw: one for the Sharkguard and one for the saw’s dust port. Dust is so much better than when I had no overhead dust collection. I also love how easy it is to install and remove the Sharkguard. So quick and easy, I can remove the blade guard single-handed. The riving knife is super solid and straight-on, lines right up with my blade. I’m just a really happy customer!”

Bonnie Wren (Satisfied Customer)

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“Thank you for helping me get your Sharkguard adapted to my table saw. […] A couple of the guide pin holes were a smidge over-sized for some reason but it seemed to tighten up sufficiently after I tightened the nut.”

Cameron Green (Satisfied Customer)

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Leeway Workshop, 2011
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Leeway Workshop, 2011
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