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“I meant to write the weekend after I got my Sharkguard… but I’ve been so busy making sawdust that I forgot! I love, love, love my new Sharkguard. The dust collection is awesome! I got a used small shop vacuum and installed it directly above where I usually roll my Jobsite Sawstop, so I have two vacuums going when I run the saw: one for the Sharkguard and one for the saw’s dust port. Dust is so much better than when I had no overhead dust collection. I also love how easy it is to install and remove the Sharkguard. So quick and easy, I can remove the blade guard single-handed. The riving knife is super solid and straight-on, lines right up with my blade. I’m just a really happy customer!”

Bonnie Wren (Satisfied Customer)

“Just to let you know that I installed sharkguard and I love it. Very good dust collection with it. Easy to use and remove when not needed. I used to put face mask before when cutting particle board which is not an issue any more.”

Cinu (Satisfied Customer)

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“Thank you for helping me get your Sharkguard adapted to my table saw. […] A couple of the guide pin holes were a smidge over-sized for some reason but it seemed to tighten up sufficiently after I tightened the nut.”

Cameron Green (Satisfied Customer)

A recent article from ShigShop, a popular woodworking forum, highlights our product — installation and dust collection capabilities are thoroughly explained.
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“Thought you might like to see my solution for an overhead arm with my
shark guard.  Some copper pipe from my scrape pile and a couple of pillow block bearings.  Works great an swivels out of the way when necessary.  The shark guard works great virtually no dust escapes it.  Thanks for your well engineered product greatly exceeded my expectations.”

J.D. Gates ( Maryland — Satisfied Customer)

“”I have had about 3 weeks to play with the Shark Guard and  must say I am very happy with it. I ordered the 4” port on mine and the dust collection is excellent. Mine is installed on true riving knife and the fact that the guard height changes with the blade raising and lowering makes it easy to use. I noticed some reviewers said you can’t rip thin strips with guard in place but I raise my blade to full height and the guard sits neatly on the top of the fence allowing for this cut. I still get good dust collection and protection from the blade with the guard and blade raised. Not ideal but works fine. After 30 plus years of not using a guard I didn’t want to press my luck any further. Highly recommend this product.”

Larry Aase (Connecticut) — Satisfied Customer

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