At SharkGuard, we’ve been proudly offering innovative, American made safety products for table saws for decades. Our customers have been singing our praises since our inception (and for good reason!). Products are available for most table saws. Have one we haven’t listed? No problem — we’ll happily design our products to fit ANY make and model of saw. That’s true customer service!

A key reason we’ve stayed in business in this industry over the years is our people — our knowledge of the products involved and the multitude of possible saw setups out there allow us to personalize our approach with the skill that comes from hearing so many customer questions over the years. We reach out to the customer individually to make sure that we’re providing the correct equipment — no worrying about buying something not knowing if it will fit your saw or not. If in fact we do get it wrong, we’ll fix it at no cost. No worries. Expect a call from us following your order. Like us on Facebook to stay up to date with our latest news!

Dust collection problems in your facility? Not anymore! Our setup integrates to table saw dust collection systems seamlessly, creating a clean and efficient workspace. Our guards also help you maintain optimal safety standards in your facility — this is of paramount concern for those in the commercial and education sectors! Our products conform to US OSHA and Canadian CCOHS government regulations.

Still not convinced? Visit our gallery page. Feel free to send us your photos and we will add your setup — here’s an article showing our commitment to safety and customer service — Start Reading!

To place an order, check out the Products Section and click on the guard packages. Every table saw model we cover will be listed on one of those pages. You can also click on the magnifying glass at the top of the page and enter in your model. Be sure to send us an email when you order confirming your table saw’s model number so we make sure we receive the correct information for your order. The email the best way to contact us. Ron’s phone number is 251-533-9596.

A recent article from ShigShop, displays our product and serves as an installation tutorial for the Delta ARK Package, although no sanding of throat plates or inserts is required for any saws other than the Grizzly 1023s– installation and dust collection capabilities are thoroughly explained. Click here for more information!

As always, we need to know the model number of your saw when you place an order. Instead of having five thousand order pages for different saw models we cover, we have lumped similar saws into a handful of packages. So shoot us an inquiry or separate email or text when placing an order with us. Hurricanes recently have impacted our area heavily and sometimes we have internet issues. So please don’t rely on email alone if you don’t receive a response. If you do not receive a response from an email within one business day, then call or text the number at the top of the page. Being so busy everyone is having to be in the shop all day. If you are unsure any of our products will work for you, send pics. We need to see the mounting area for a splitter or riving knife behind the blade under the throat plate. 90% of the table saws in the USA we currently cover without any R&D. Look up top and click on the products section. The guard packages covered all have the individual models listed. We greatly appreciate you for your continued support. If you haven’t already, subscribe to our Youtube channel. Ron is about to post instructional videos in lieu of the tutorials. For now, more videos and posts are on our facebook page. There are installation tutorials for most model saws that we have covered in the past. Look up Delta Unisaw Owners on Facebook and you’ll see a ton of pics and a few videos. Also, the Craftsman 113 and 103 table saw Facebook page pins our product at the top! If you don’t understand how our guard attaches or need some advice, just ask and we’ll send you a detailed and custom video. Our number one goal is to save fingers and lungs — stay safe and quit breathing in the sawdust! We receive calls and pics on a daily basis about injuries (it happens all the time!), so we look forward to helping you make your table saw safer(and dust free!).

Remember, your safety and satisfaction are our main concerns — let us hear from you today!

Here’s a complete Delta ARK Package for the Delta Unisaw — One of Our Most Popular Setup Combinations!