We’re thrilled to showcase numerous table saw setups created by our customers! Just like the things we create, all woodworkers are unique — let your tools reflect your needs and your personality. Visit our store to purchase the packages necessary to create your own!

Above, you see the setup created by a satisfied customer — here’s what he had to say about us and the products used:

Received your package yesterday, thank you for the fast shipping on the bracket for the 350.

Very happy with the design and quality of the shark guard.  Made a few long cuts on a sheet of ½ inch plywood for a project, often I get just off of a straight line cutting and cause a side load on the blade.  Your splitter kept the sheet straight and eliminated any side load, the blade was never pinched.

Also amazed at the strength of the 3D printed dust collection outlet.  I wrestled a 2 ½” hose onto it and fully expected to end up with a handful of fishing line, the outlet is much tougher than I expected and held up well to installation and a hose clamp.

Love the bottle opener too, thank you.

I constructed an overhead duct for dust collection and am attaching a couple of pictures if you choose to add it to your site.

Thank you again, great product,

Scott Byrd
Walker Turner 1180B
Thanks to Harold Turner for demonstrating the best way to install an overhead dust collection system! Thin walled PVC pipe, blast gate, and as little flex hose as possible — one of the best ways to make sure nothing gets past The SharkGuard!
Craftsman 113.27520
Delta/Rockwell 12-14 34-395 (circa 1970s)
Rigid 2400
Craftsman 113 “100”
Craftsman 152.221240
Craftsman 141.218331

Above, another customer’s preferences — his testimonial shows the importance of having the correct information to ensure proper fit. We resolved his issue very quickly and he loves the results!

“I got the splitter and it works great. The quick releases are too big. I found the “owners manual” for my Jet table saw and it says that the nuts provided are M6 Hex Nuts if that helps”

Walter Bursgreen — Satisfied Customer
Delta Unisaw, Crosscut Sled and Throat Plate
Mike Chrapko, Satisfied Customer
Grizzly G0444Z

Grizzly G0444Z
Byron Cohen, Van Nuys, CA — Satisfied Customer

The shots above highlight a setup using a Shop Smith Mark 5 200 dust hood.

This customer had some words of wisdom to avoid a woodworking accident

“This is a picture of my hand with a busted metacarpal bone. 40 years of using a table saw. I wish I had ordered my Shark Guard BEFORE this happened, not after. Won’t turn it on again without the guard. “

John Koch, Calgary, Alberta CA
Craftsman 113298032
Rear Mounted Guard Pacakge -- Craftsman
Rear Mounted Guard Package — Craftsman
Light Kit on Craftsman 152
Light Kits (seen on Craftsman 152)