There are a few options that you should be aware of when considering a Shark Guard or related products. Some items come with the standard or basic package while others are an accessory or option. This is done because there are many variables in the way people work and how they have their dust collection setup, that not everyone wants or needs the same thing. These are shipped all over the World and different Countries may have different requirements. 

In an effort to provide custom items where you only pay for what you want or need, options will be an additional cost over just the basic package. The Shark Guard is a complete blade guarding system with many features. Some of these features can be purchased separately to use as stand alone safety aids. 

Like table saws, packages for various models do vary in price. Some variation in pricing has to do with the type saw it is and some because the material and supplies needed to produce that model are greater. We have a separate order page for each model of saw for which we currently have designs. Pricing for each of these can be found on that particular models order page. You will also find a link to installation instructions on each models’ page. 

The New Original Shark Guard (SG3D)

We have been wanting to make these a kit for some time. We also wanted to have a design that can be both saw mounted and/or can be mounted overhead. This design accomplishes these goals. It is not a kit that you build yourself, but rather has modular replacement parts. Guards ship fully assembled. We now 3D print a few parts on these, including the dust ports. If any 3D printed part that fails under normal use gets replaced at no cost.  Pictures are all that is needed to verify any damages.  These 3D parts are very strong and durable. They are made out of PETG, and are stronger than they appear to be.  

These guards have all replaceable parts. If a part gets damaged, scratched or gets resin covered, then simply unscrew the halves and replace that part. Some parts can be made by you or bought from us. All parts are set into dados to lock them in place when bolted together. 

This allows you to easily change the size of dust port in case you upgrade later. You can order a new size dust port and just bolt it in. You can also order the SG3D without a dust port and add one later if you wish. These are all the same width now. They are about 1.625 inches wide outside. This allows you to cut closer to the fence than previous versions. 

The SG3D also comes with a Delrin (like Nylon) roller under the front rather than a solid rod. This makes the SG3D work even smoother than previous versions when engaging and riding on the stock. The SG3D is through bolted now using steel barrel bolts. This makes them very strong. The have a dual safety lock in the rear now so they cannot come off unintentionally. 

Dust Ports

Now that the Dust ports are 3D printed, we now make a multitude of dust port sizes.  Just drop us an email about the size you need.  We have 31mm, 38mm, and 44mm.  From Laguna hoses to Festool hoses, we have you covered. You can select your standard dust port choice in the drop down menus of the shopping cart on each Shark Guard order page. 

The 2.5 port is 2.5 inch OD and 2.25 inch ID. 

This size works very well with a wet/dry vac (shop vac). Most vacuums of this type with a 2.5″ hose will fit snuggly either inside or outside this dust port depending on brand without the use of an additional fitting. This size also works pretty good if you have at least a 1.5 HP dust collector and use a reducer from 4 inch down to 2.5 inch. This scenario isn’t optimal, but works well. It mainly depends on the type of cutting you do and the rest of your DC system.  If you plan to install dust collection at a later date but don’t have it now, you can cap off the 2.5” dust port with a spray paint can lid.  It fits snugly on there.

3 inch dust port

This size dust port has a 3 inch OD and 2.75 inch ID.  Before choosing this size, be sure that you secure a source for 3 inch dust collection hose. It is available in different places, but not as widely as the other two hose sizes. 

4 inch dust port

The 4 inch port has become a very popular option and likely provides the best overall dust collection. This option does cost more. This is really designed for use with a dust collector rather than a shop vac, but it will still work with the shop vac.  Some customers have stated that the dust collection from this size port may be too good. It wants to pick up small off cuts and let them sling around inside the guard. This is highly undesirable, but can be remedied by the use of a blast gate inline. Close off the blast gate some when you know you will have such off cuts. This regulates the airflow and will temporarily reduce the extreme suction you can get through this port. Adding this blast gate allows safer cutting where small parts are a concern.