Shark Guard Installation

Please read below before installing and using this product. There are IMPORTANT Warnings and Safety information. I suggest that you print this out and READ it as well as watch the videos on this site before using the saw.


Current Lead Time:


The lead time for a new Shark Guard order is probably around 4 weeks.
This is due to order volume. Lead time does fluctuate. It is an estimate. Splitter or riving knife orders would be in about a week. We do have a small supply of these in stock now, so it would take just a little time to finish them out. Brackets and accesories may take about the same time. There is no need to use Paypal to get on the waiting list for Shark Guards. Just send an email with the model and options you would like. That will secure you a spot on our waiting list. I will confirm this via email.
I prefer this method. We could settle up just before your order ships. Feel free to ask about the status of your order or the availability of your particular model or possible lead time at anytime via email.

What's New:



We will be adding a new product very soon. It will be dust shoes for CNC routers. Stay tuned for information about those in the coming weeks if you are interested. We still have R&D in the works for other upgrades and products and table saw models. If you want to get on the waiting list for a Shark Guard, just send an email with the details of the order you would like.

Thank you for your interest.

Product Disclaimer

All of the items that you get from us are guaranteed to be of good quality, made from the best material available. If you aren't pleased with the condition of what we send you, you get your money back upon return. As with any aftermarket accessory,


must decide if these are the right additions or modifications for your comfort and safety. There is no way to use your table saw and be RISK FREE. The items that we make are merely safety aids. They will NOT PREVENT injury. They are a deterant to it.

Saws are very dangerous machines. Saws can KILL or MAIM you.

These accessories may not comply with rules and regulations in your area. You must decide for yourself whether to use these accessories or not. It is your safety that is at risk when using any power tool or accessory. Since we cannot be there for each and every setup and cut that you make, we cannot be held responsible for any accidents that occur as a direct result of any information or equipment that you receive from us or this website. You should familiarize yourself with saws and safety techniques in order to use it sucessfully.

Any responsibility for the use of this product(s) ultimately rests on your own shoulders.

Ordering anything from us is an acknowledgement that you understand these risks and responsibilties and that you are willing to accept the consequences of using them. If you are un-certain as to WHO is RESPONSIBLE for the setup and usage of any of these accessories,


Router Sled Planer


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This is a sled that I made a many years ago before I bought a portable planer. This type jig can help you to get a clean face on some rough sawn lumber easily. This particular sled was just made from some scraps that I had around. It will plane from 1 1/8" thick down to about 1/2". You can just use this to get the idea. You could make one with adjustable runners, which might be more useful than this one. Many ways to accomplish the same thing for different needs.


Router sled planer 1


Router Mounted


Router sled planer  2


I used 1" steel angle on this. You could just as easily use 1/4" flat aluminum stock or angle. Just drill the holes to match your particular router. This sled is about 12" x 12". You could make a larger size, if needed, or make this adjustable. The larger you go though, the more likely you will start to incur flexing of the bridge part. This will show in the work being planned, so some engineering is needed for larger sleds. I use a 5/8" dado bit, but you can use different sizes.




I used a caul to clamp this to my work bench. You could use bench dogs to hold stock that has finished dimensions. A cutting board for instance. One good thing about this planing method is that you don't get the "Snipe" that can be associated with some portable planers. This lets you plane items that are already at the finished size. Another plus for using a sled to plane is that you are able to clamp very small pieces and plane them. You can't send a 5" long piece of stock through a thickness planer easily without a dedicated jig.


Router sled planer  3




Router sled planer  4


Here you can see that I have planed some 5/8" thick walnut that I scavenged from some pallets. I like to use this stuff for jigs or small projects. I keep this kind of salvaged wood around for at least a year. Pallet wood is usually really wet. It will cup and bow and tie itself in knots if its left to dry without proper stacking and stickering. This piece was flat after about 1 1/2 years. At this thickness, its as dry as it will get in my area. Have fun with it.




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