Splitter and riving knife packages

Please read below before ordering. Pricing information and options as well as what type mounting bracket you will require are all there. Just scroll down.


Current Lead Time:


The lead time for a new order is probably just over 3 months.
We have record order volume currently. There is no need to use Paypal to get on the waiting list. Just send an email with the model and options you would like.
I prefer this method. We could settle up just before your order ships. Feel free to ask about the status of your order or the availability of your particular model or possible lead time at anytime via email.

What's New:



What is brand new is that we are now making all splitters and riving knives out of 304 Stainless Steel. I think these are a better product than the powder coated steel ones were previously. Also as of August 12, 2013, colors will no longer be an option. 99.9% of the orders in the past have been black or red. All new orders from this date will be a combination of black and red. Black screws with mostly red parts of the guard. The splitters and riving knives will of course, be stainless steel brushed finish. We still have R&D in the works for other upgrades and products. With a 4 month plus lead time though, R&D takes a back burner and I get to those as I can. If you want to get on the waiting list for a Shark Guard, just send an email with the details of the order you would like.

Thank you for your interest.

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must decide if these are the right additions or modifications for your comfort and safety. There is no way to use your table saw and be RISK FREE. The items that we make are merely safety aids. They will NOT PREVENT injury. They are a deterant to it.

Saws are very dangerous machines. Saws can KILL or MAIM you.

These accessories may not comply with rules and regulations in your area. You must decide for yourself whether to use these accessories or not. It is your safety that is at risk when using any power tool or accessory. Since we cannot be there for each and every setup and cut that you make, we cannot be held responsible for any accidents that occur as a direct result of any information or equipment that you receive from us or this website. You should familiarize yourself with saws and safety techniques in order to use it sucessfully.

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Splitter or Riving Knife Packages


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Below you will see listings of different models with links to take you to an order page with shopping carts and prices for different splitters, splitter sets, riving knives with or without anti-kickback pawls and other options. This is for those that do not want to order a guard. Those that need the full blade guard packages should go here.


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Bosch Riving Knives

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Dewalt Riving Knives- DW744, DW745

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Ryobi riving knife Mounting Information

Click to see larger image

The Ryobi riving knife mounts just like the OEM splitter with the two bolts under the throat plate. You need to be sure to secure these nuts tight. There is a little bit of range with which it can be mounted. In the image to the left, I have it mounted as high as possible and still be lower than the tip of the teeth. You can see that it rides close to the blade.
There is a little room to move it back, forward, up and down. If you loosen the lower 2 mounting bolts a lot, you will be able to see that these are also adjustable. If you are having a problem getting the knife to sit level to the table, try loosening these and moving these mounting bolts. See also below about a Riving Knife Mounting Jig.
You can bend the knife side to side some if needed to trail directly behind the blade. The knife thickness is designed to work with thin kerf blades and will work well with regular blades too.

Ryobi Riving Knife Mounting Jig
Click to see larger image Click to see larger image Click to see larger image This is a very simple jig that will help to install a Shark Splitter or cutdown Riving knife accurately every time. Splitters can be a little bit fussy when you are trying to get them to sit level to the saw top and centered behind the blade and in front of the throat opening.
The jig is 3/4" plywood that is about 3 1/4" by about 16". A lot of variations on this can be done as well. Different clamps, materials and sizes.

Shark Splitter and Riving Knife plans.


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